Our Philosophy | Kew Green Nursery

Self-confidence is at the core of a child’s education, and this is our founding principle. We focus on who the children are becoming as individuals. 

We provide a safe, respectful, challenging and stimulating environment where children thrive and develop a sense of belonging as they are nurtured, valued, and cared for by our dedicated and talented staffing team.

Creativity, collaboration, confidence, and communication are at the heart of Kew Green Nursery. Through an enquiry-based approach to the Early Years curriculum, it is our aim to provoke investigation and reflection. The children will become researchers, explorers, designers, problem-solvers and risk-takers. 

With us, they establish an articulate voice and self-awareness. The growth-mindset will be celebrated, and we encourage our children to embrace, learn and grow from their mistakes.

At Kew Green Nursery, we value our families and aim to develop strong parent partnerships. We maintain an ‘open door’ policy for parents and value our relationships with you as well as with your children.