At Kew Green Preparatory School we believe that the study of French is valuable in developing the fundamental skills needed for communication and self-expression. French lessons are taught to children from Reception up to Year Six. As well as learning a foreign language our pupils develop their interest in the cultures of other nations. Learning a language at an early age reinforces literacy skills and nurtures enthusiasm that is carried on into senior school.

French is taught as a topic based and cross-curricular subject, where all four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing are covered. Children are encouraged to explore the new language collaboratively through games, songs and rhymes and to show what they have learned through simple conversation, role-plays and short performances. We also give pupils the opportunity to use their language skills on trips to France. These have recently included the choir's tour of Paris and a Year 5 trip to the Christmas markets in Lille.

We also offer taster classes in other modern languages, such as Spanish and Italian, during extra-curricular clubs led by experienced specialist staff and native speakers. 

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