The teaching of ICT has changed dramatically in recent years. Children are taught advanced skills for working with spreadsheets and databases, text and graphics; multimedia authoring and programming to modelling effects on screen and from movie making to sound recording and everything in between.

We offer a diverse curriculum in school time and opportunities for enhancing photography, touch typing and movie and video game animation skills through after school clubs. Our aim is to introduce and reinforce digital technology skills and incorporate these into every subject across the curriculum. Digital technology is something that is used throughout the school. Our aim is that technology should become simply part of child’s pencil case, a tool for them to use in the way that best supports the work they are doing.

We want our children to use technology seamlessly, enhancing the way they work, think, invent, produce and develop in all subjects. It will be an important part of their current and future learning, their work environment and way of life. 

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