Senior Schools

The Gardener Schools Group opened their first senior school, Kew House School, in West London in 2013 and second senior school, Maida Vale School in 2020. Our senior schools are co-educational, day schools for 11 to 18 year olds.

Whilst reflecting many of the traditions and values we have established over the last 29 years, Kew House School and Maida Vale School are modern, future facing and innovative.

We have always been committed to providing a rich and broad curriculum in a relatively small, nurturing learning environment where individual talents are identified and developed. Our senior schools maintain this ethos. Small classes, vertical tutor groups and first class specialist facilities for the teaching of science, technology, the arts and humanities can best achieve this aim. 

Pupils at both Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School and Kew Green Preparatory School are offered entry automatically to our Gardener Schools Group senior schools, Kew House School and Maida Vale School. In all but exceptional circumstances, this will offer the guarantee of 4-18 years education for those families who would like to choose this path. For those wishing to choose other senior schools, our preparatory schools will continue to support and prepare children for the external examinations, maintaining our long track record of success at 11+.

Our senior schools seek to attract intelligent pupils with a confident sense of identity and an original approach to learning, problem solving and creativity. To this end, the selection process places greater emphasis on feeder school profiles, portfolios of work and interviews alongside the entrance testing. We select year groups by cohort, seeking a blend of complimentary individual talents rather than merely interviewing the top ten per cent of 11+ examinees.

We are proud to offer a more flexible learning environment and structure, with facilities open for learning and leisure during the extended day, at weekends and traditional school holidays. From concerts, exhibitions and workshops to lectures by eminent speakers or cookery demonstrations - there is always something going on! The cafe is available to parents in the mornings and afterschool to catch up over coffee or simply finish a bit of work before picking up their child. Families and members of the local community are very much a part of the school.

In the 21st century, most secondary schools remain firmly modelled on traditional independent schools and state grammar schools. It is time for a change. Adolescents now mature socially and emotionally at a much younger age and an appropriate learning environment must reflect this. At Kew House and Maida Vale, we respect each student as a valuable individual and work in partnership with student and parents to promote their success, welfare and happiness. 

I cannot imagine being better supported ahead of the 11+. Your advice was insightful, intelligent and useful. And the fact that you tailored the session for both parents AND children is testament to your consistently thoughtful approach to all things. 
- Deborah T, current parent


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