11+ Results & Destination Schools

We are a non-cramming school and believe that the stresses brought to bear on young children during the 11+ process can be managed effectively with support and direction from our expertise, in collaboration with parents. We will prepare and equip the children for their 11+ journey at the right time.

It is essential that the rest of the curriculum continues and enhances each child’s education. Senior schools do not want a child who can simply jump through academic hoops. They strive to find intelligent, forward thinking and creative individuals bursting with potential.

We will guide, inform and advise you through the process of selecting the most suitable schools for your child.

11+ Offers at KGPS 

Updated March 2024

 Total OffersScholarshipsAcceptances
Girls' Schools
Godolphin & Latymer1 1
Lady Eleanor Holles1 0
Notting Hill & Ealing High2 1
Putney High1 0
Surbiton High3 0
Boys' Schools
Hampton2 0
King’s College, Wimbledon1 1
Merchant Taylors1 0
Co-Ed Schools
ACS Cobham1 0
British School of Barcelona1 1
Burlington House1 1
Canbury1 1
Emanuel2 0
Harrodian1 1
Kew House35318
Kingston Grammar512
St. Benedict’s2 2
Boarding Schools
Brighton College1 1
Dragon1 1
Heathfield4 2
Marymount1 0
Queen Anne’s, Caversham1 1
Sherborne1 0
St. Edward’s (Teddies)1 0
St. George’s Ascot4 0
St. John’s, Leatherhead2 1


2023/2024 11+ Achievement Data Headlines

  • 87% of Year 6 pupils chose to apply to at least one other school in addition to their guaranteed Year 7 place at Kew House School.
  • 95% of pupils in Year 6 who made recommended applications to at least two other senior schools received offers for two or more senior schools and 67% received offers from three or more senior schools.
  • 100% of our recommended applications to highly competitive options Godolphin & Latymer, LEH, Kingston Grammar, Surbiton High and King’s College Wimbledon were successful. 88% of our recommended applications across all senior schools progressed to the interview stage.
  • Academic, Art, Music, Drama and STEM scholarships were received. This, in complement with last year’s scholarships in sport, shows the breadth of our curriculum and growth of our MAGT programme.