Friend’s Charity Support

Charity Support

Every two years, Friends of KGPS, with the help of KGPS children, choose a charity to support with a portion of the funds raised throughout the year.

Any charity supported by the Friends must meet these criteria:

  1. Local to the area
  2. Child-centred
  3. Able to accommodate some involvement by KGPS children

Every two years, the Friends Committee will invite the school community to nominate charities that meet these criteria. We then ask the School Council to research each charity and present their findings to the school. Children themselves will vote on which charity they would like us to support.

Past charities supported by the Friends include Guide Dogs for the BlindSmall StepsREACT, Shooting Stars Hospice, and Skylarks– receiving between £5,000-£9,000 in donations each year thanks to our fundraising efforts.

The Friends also organise Harvest Festival which arranges for donated food from the school community to be distributed throughout foodbanks in the local area. These include Richmond Food Bank and City Harvest.

At Christmas, the Friends hold a toy drive and distribute donated gifts from the school community to children’s charities throughout London. In the past these have included Action for Children and Shepherd’s Bush Families.


Charity efforts not connected with Friends of KGPS:

  • There are occasional fancy-dress days at school when children are invited to bring in £1 for various causes. (Christmas Jumpers for Save the Children, Jeans for Genes, etc). These charity efforts are organised by the school and not connected to Friends of KGPS. 

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