Friend’s Policies and Information

It is the policy of the Friends of KGPS to re-select their chosen favourite charity every two years in order to keep the children informed about the wealth of good causes that surround our community.  

There are three parameters that govern the choice of charity:

  • They have to be local
  • They have to be child-centred
  • They have to be able to accommodate some involvement by our children with their good cause, so they can see their fund-raising being put to good use

The choice of charity is an important one in the life of our school, as they benefit significantly from the funds raised by the Friends through our social events and Summer fairs. 

Current Charity Choice:

West London Action for Children

Who we are

We are a registered charity working in the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea offering free, confidential and professional counselling and therapy, parenting groups and groups for children in schools.

What we believe

We believe families are the experts on their own situations, so we support them in using their own skills and resources to address problems and make decisions.

How we help

We help clients who face challenges including: domestic violence, bereavement, divorce and separation, school exclusions, bullying and truancy, mental health concerns, parenting difficulties, resettlement trauma, substance misuse, experiences of abuse and racism among others.

How we are funded

Since our founding in 1917, we remain independent and are funded by trusts, funding bodies and donations.

Cake Sales at Kew Green Prep

KGPS Friends cake sales are held every Thursday and are very popular, often raising £150 or more each week. Your Class Reps will remind you when it is your class’s turn to organise the sale. To help you plan:

  • There are roughly 300 children in the school so each parent in the class whose sale it is should aim to provide about 20 cakes, biscuits, muffins, etc.
  • If you don’t have the time or talent for baking, store-bought goodies are just as welcome.
  • Upper School aren’t dismissed until 3:30 p.m. Do make sure you have enough cakes for them — perhaps set some aside.
  • Children who go into aftercare or clubs often miss out. Try to bring some cakes to them.
  • Cakes brought to school at drop off in the morning should be left by the front window in the hall, not in the kitchen.
  • Cake tins should be labelled with owners’ names. Empty tins will be left overnight by the window for collection in the morning.
  • Trestle tables can be found in the hall. Feel free to bring your own tablecloths if you wish to decorate your stall. Please put (clean) tables back where you found them.
  • There is a special cash float for cake sales. Collect it from the school office. Please return it to the office after the sale.
  • All cakes should be priced at £1 each—this keeps things simple, and helps parents know how much money to send in with the children. If cakes are very small, you may wish to sell two for £1. Obviously, feel free to sell bigger cakes/bags of cakes for more money: lots of mums love buying these, but please ensure you have lots of £1 cakes for the children.
  • On rainy days, the cake sale is held in the school hall instead of in the courtyard.
  • Many classes find that arranging their sale around a theme makes it more fun for both the children and the parents.