Praise Indeed

Here is a small selection of the emails and letters sent to school by parents to say thank you ...


Dear Headmaster,

I just wanted to send you a message to say how lovely it was to hear the Kew Green Prep choir when we were on holiday last week in Italy. We just happened upon them when visiting the Church in San Giminiano and they sang beautifully. Our two young children particularly appreciated their music, your young singers did very well to concentrate with the distraction of two toddlers dancing along to their songs! They were a credit to your school and they and their accompanying teachers should be congratulated. 

Best wishes,
Lizzie Bonnaud (following the choir tour to Tuscany - June 2015)


Thanks Jem. I've just shown Joe your email.  Your collective joy at his success just adds to his good feelings about himself. This is a boy who, before he came to Kew Green, had decided he was an idiot. Quite a transformation! 
Dear Jem and Emma
Jackson sat his Art GCSE 2 weeks ago and has won the art scholarship for the Upper School at Bedes. He was told it was most competitive.
 Whilst we realise he is no longer under your care, both of you have supported Jackson SO much and given him much needed confidence along his journey ...all of which goes towards all his success (and more importantly accepting failures) along his path.
Jason and I are both overwhelmed to see Jackson feel recognised for an achievement outside of the academic box (and his normal feeling of being dumb)... Jacks is most chuffed that his name will be engraved in gold leaf on the board outside the headmasters office. I'm certain there will be a future opportunity for you to come along and see the art department at Bedes.
With much gratitude and continued support of you both as people that shape our children, Liz X
Dear Jem
Thank you so much to you, Georgina, Giles, Paula and Dan for looking after the children in what must have been a difficult turn of events!  Marcus is well on the road to recovery, he slept well and is eating.  He said that all the teachers were very kind to him especially you,  lending your coat on the beach and looking after him.  He also commented on how well all the year group looked after each other and I he has grown in respect for them. It was truly a bonding experience!
I hope that you have not succumbed to the sickness and you a good half-term. Many thanks.

Dear Susanna

This is just a quick note to acknowledge the outstanding behaviour of your pupils during their ski trip last week in Alpe D’Huez.

Myself and four friends stayed at the same hotel as your school party and on several occasions during the week we spoke about how well behaved the children were.

When we initially made the booking there was concern from my fellow travellers, three of whom are retired teachers, that a school party would be at the hotel the same time.

These concerns were completely un necessary. Despite always looking like they were having enormous fun, they never once (to my knowledge at least) got over excited or too loud. They and the teaching staff accompanying them are a credit to you and your school.

Kind regards

Kim Hayes (never a teacher, just a father of three)

I wanted to thank you and the staff at Kew Green for the great experience and exceptional education our children have received. We are truly grateful and will always cherish our memories of Kew Green.
Just to say a big ‘thank you’ for helping us solve our dilemma over schools earlier this week. L had been upset and overwhelmed with the prospect of having to decide between the two schools, and we genuinely did not know which of the two would be best suited to her. 
I’m so glad I popped in to your office for your advice, and grateful that you acted quickly to find a resolution. It was great that you spoke directly to L and involved G and S to help clarify her thoughts. It is with much relief that the decision had been made and Lily is delighted with the result!  We are now very pleased and excited for her future at secondary school.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone  at school. A has had so many good experiences this term. He was so happy to be given such positive feedback about his football at the tournament last week and to be asked to be captain and collect the cup. He has also been very proud of the self portrait he did in art which Emma Elden-Ford is putting on the Saatchi website. Being in the debating competition, filming  Kew on a Plate, guitar playing…….. It’s all been so good for his confidence just when it’s needed!  I really appreciate the fact that Kew Green offers the children so much.


Many thanks for taking the time to remind us all last night what a truly exceptional school Kew Green Prep is…      …. I visited many schools throughout London and beyond in search of something extraordinary....and then one day I was lucky enough to visit Kew Green.  ‘X’ is a very very lucky girl and I am extremely proud that she is at Kew Green.


Thank you for sending M home SO happy yesterday / he was super chuffed and grinning all evening!! Really do appreciate the way you all put so much positive energy into our children


Thank you for your swift and extremely kind and thoughtful reply. I'll never ever forget how amazing you were at the last sports day to E. He's very lucky to have you as his teacher.


I can’t thank all of you enough for being so supportive of L this week. He has so much more confidence and is visibly more relaxed. His whole attitude to school is so much more positive. Please extend my thanks to Mr X and Mrs X who have both been very encouraging to L this week also. It’s amazing what a boost in self esteem does for L. Please keep up all the wonderful work you are doing. We are so very appreciative of all your efforts.


I just wanted to say that I thought assembly today was fabulous – clever, fun and beautifully executed. It gives L (In Reception Class) such a boost to given an opportunity like that and it made me proud to see her say her lines in front of such a big audience. The whole thing was a triumph!


Just a note to say how much we’ve appreciated your contribution in making this such an amazing year for ‘L’!!   You’ve been an inspiring teacher to her, and it’s wonderful to see that she’s has made such good progress in her English.  Thank you for your part in her receiving her Achievement Award.  We were really proud of her on the evening, and she was quietly thrilled to bits!!


From shy, nervous to this!!

(She) told me after the party " Thank you for bringing me to Kew Green!"

We will not forget your support and kindness.


We would like to say a huge thanks to you for supporting both children through the last few years and, indeed, throughout their whole time at Kgps. They couldn't have been any happier. They have had the very best 7 years and wouldn't change a thing. You and your staff have created a very special place and we have seen our children grow and flourish there. They have made lifelong friends - as have we!  We will miss everyone at Kew and it's going to be very odd in September when I'm not at the school gate with all the other mums. (perhaps I'll just turn up anyway?!).


You are the most wonderful teachers and mentors we could have ever wished for and desired for our children. The way they are both growing up and shaping to be is a testament to you and the school they started their lives in.


We could not have asked for a more attentive and caring teacher. She has been absolutely fantastic… She has shown great understanding of his needs and has managed to get the best out of him .  He has progressed so much under her care and guidance.


I just wanted to pen you a quick note to say how completely overwhelmed we were with last night’s production. I recognise for you speaking at the end, that it must be hard to always praise everyone involved no matter what the production or music soiree or assembly, but I have to say, that was the most incredible thing I think I have ever seen. It surpassed all expectation and it is hard to believe this is a group of 11 year olds!Their self-confidence, camaraderie, support for each other (even though there are 2 very separate classes) and quality was simply incredible.You should be very proud of what KGPS has achieved with year 6.


You really were the business today. Yes, we do expect it of you, but it's truly wonderful to see it in action. You said right at the start that you didn't mind how often we talked things over. And you were true to your word, but I can't imagine you knew exactly how many times you'd have to talk to me! Thank you again.


I am so impressed with the schooling at Kew Green, The change in ‘L’ has been so dramatic. He was so enthusiastic about his assembly. He is also very keep every night to read and count and tell me about numbers. What every you are doing in you class keep it up! You have helped improve our family life no end. 


Your continued patience and care of our boy has been unbelievable.  He has so much trust in all of you.  I am writing this about his whole time at Kew Green, not just last night.  I know his anxiety is sometimes so hard to understand, but your attitude towards him has enabled him to achieve things over the last few years that we never thought he would. 


It was very good to meet you and thank you for inviting me to visit your fantastic school. It feels much more established than its 10 years and the quality of display is second to none - and I see a lot of prep schools! It impressed me very much - the whole purposeful and relaxed atmosphere. The place was spotless and conveyed love and care. ISI Consulting Inspector


ps.  I was at the Friday Merit assembly last week accepting KGPS cheques on behalf of Joodon committee.  WOW ! what a privilege !  It felt like I was encroaching on a family/community special moment shared by staff and pupils together.  Huge sense of reflection at the end of the working week by everyone and a sense of achievement by everyone - of course those receiving the merits but also by their peers who seemed to be so thrilled with and for them.  And it was a validating and affirming time.  I really did find it incredibly powerful !  I realise that you do it every week and so do hundreds of schools but from an outsiders point of view it really did feel like a special moment.  What a great gang you have there !!! (both big members of the gang and the small ones !)


I wanted to thank you on behalf of the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra for all that you did for today's concert - the children were an absolute credit to the school and sang and played beautifully.  Everyone in the orchestra was extremely impressed and many of them commented on how accomplished the orchestra was and how unusual this was in as primary school.


Thank you so so very very much for giving our children such an incredible experience and us parents a wonderful evening. Really amazing and a complete feast ! Congratulations


My children run to school as if it were their first day. I owe it to you and your colleagues. Kew Green exudes a comfortable, confident, nurturing and safe aura, where I feel my children delight in being the bright, chirpy and playful individuals that they are. I would like you to know that I'm grateful that in this busy world, your schoo is their sanctuary.


We just wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been going through year one with Miss X . We could not have asked for a more attentive and caring teacher . She has been absolutely fantastic with ‘T’, who we must admit has been less than perfect .  She has shown great understanding of his needs and has managed to get the best out of him .  He has progressed so much under her care and guidance. We shall miss her greatly and wish her every happiness and success for the future .


A huge thanks to you and your team from my whole family for the new playground equipment. I get daily updates on the record number of pogo bounces achieved - not just E’s own records but he enthusiastically tells me all his friends' records too! A request for a pogo stick has now made its way onto E's Christmas list... Many thanks for this creative addition to lunchtime play!


Great, thank you very much. This is such a great initiative ! We have been blown away by the high standard of art at your school  and we look forward to meeting you, admiring, praising and buying :-) . Our sincere thanks and  best wishes


I just wanted to let you know how incredibly impressed we have been over the last year by Miss X.  I just cannot say enough about what a great teacher we think she has been.  She is bubbly, enthusiastic, dynamic, obviously cares very deeply about the wellbeing and progress of each child and incredibly communicative and responsive to us parents.  We have been very happy with all the teachers at KGPS but I just thought that this was worthy of mention.  ‘A’  has had a wonderful year. 


I just wanted to write and say what a great year my children have had at KGPS. M has loved yr 2 and has nothing but great things to say about Miss X. She has been a huge support to him over the past 12 months and he has willingly run into school every day. I think she is a strong and insightful teacher. And as for ‘A’, she has loved every minute of yr 1. She has grown so much in confidence this year, which I put down to the lovely nurturing environment. I must say that as far as teaching assistants go, Mr X is AMAZING. I speak on behalf of the entire class when I say he is one in a million, a fantastic support to our children and a truly great guy. He and the rest of the lower school team we have had, are a credit to you and the school. We look forward to another happy year!